The Contrarian Investor Premium package features the Daily Contrarian briefing and podcast, published at 7am Eastern Time each market day morning. This previews the day’s economic data releases, earnings, and other potential market-moving events and seeks to identify any shifts in investor narrative.

Premium subscribers also get a short highlight of the weekly podcast featuring just the most actionable segments on the day of recording. This is a great way for busy professionals to get a condensed version of the regular podcast and this several days or more before regular listeners! Naturally this version does not have any ads, though it does contain some (very) brief disclaimers.

There are other benefits that are described in greater detail below.

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What Others Are Saying

“Nate's smart and pushes all the right buttons. Conscious listening is an art form.”

Hugh Hendry

“Your podcast each weekday morning is something I look forward to. It helps me calibrate the various factors which are in play.”

— Dick Donovan, author of CrossCurrents

The Daily Contrarian

This is the centerpiece of this offering. The impetus was quite simply to create a morning pre-market briefing that was actually useful to investing professionals.

Existing services either rehashed things that had already happened, focused on events that had no relevance, or otherwise wasted time and space.

The "Daily Contrarian” is an actionable preview of the day’s market activity, looking only at the economic data releases, earnings results, and other items likely to move stocks — all with the contrarian view in mind, of course.

This service probably isn’t for absolute beginners. Some basic knowledge about these subjects is likely required to gain a full appreciation of what is provided. But novices seeking to up their game will find lots of material. Seasoned investment professionals should be satisfied as well.

Other Benefits to Membership

There’s more that comes with a premium subscription:

  • A condensed highlight of regular podcast episodes are made available on the day of recording.

  • Full podcast episodes published a day after recording. Regular subscribers have to wait up to a week. 

  • These podcast episodes are ad-free and only contain the briefest of disclaimers at the top. Otherwise it’s just the conversation, without interruptions;

  • Other bonus episodes; especially recordings of our virtual conferences and stock talks seminars;

  • Podcast transcripts, available shortly after episodes are published;

  • Access to locked groups in the Discord Server where individual securities are discussed;

  • Discounts on subscriptions from our partners;

Okay, So Why Does This Cost Money?

Put simply, it takes time to produce. Time to do all the necessary research. Time to find and vet the right guests. Time to write and record the podcast. Time to edit it. Time to stay on top of markets and trends. Time to discuss these things with knowledgeable people.

Then there is the effort required to make the whole thing consumable. This starts with the necessary experience (more than two decades of covering financial markets, in my case) to know what type of information is valued by investing professionals — and more importantly, what isn’t. The daily podcast and briefing are kept purposefully short and succinct, focusing only on what matters, and avoiding all blather and clickbait. Important context is supplied, but nobody’s time is wasted.

There is enough of that out there, from people or companies who either don’t understand markets, don’t understand investors, or don’t understand what is already priced in and where there might be arbitrage.

Those who do understand these things often have a service to sell. They use their briefings and podcasts as thinly-veiled marketing. The result is a commoditized or otherwise inferior report. No surprise that you can get all that for free. You probably already do. How is that working out for you? Do you even read their emails anymore?

There is a free subscription option available. This free service only gets you so much because, well, I just told you why. But the options are all laid out by clicking on the button below.

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